It was the year 1998 when a 16-year-old girl started her hairdresser studies in Helsinki. Little did she know that at the same time there was a youngster in Fez, Morocco, who was starting out his barber studies as well.
Lots of work, competitions, and even Finnish Championships were earned in Helsinki, while in Fez, the youngster was organizing large hairdressing events with his older brother.

The girl went on to work as an educator for new hairdressing talents and judge competitions. The young man was working very hard in Morocco. Both of them saving money; spending it wasn’t an option because both dreamt of moving abroad… but where to? The boy lived a while in both France and Italy, while the girl worked on Swedish cruise ships hair salons and almost stayed in Sweden. But finally, both of them ended up living in the same country and city: Spain and Barcelona.

It was at the restroom sink where they met for the first time.
Their eyes went straight to the hair; ”Maybe he should get his hair cut, “, she thought. “Her hair extensions have certainly seen better days”, he took note. And there was no turning back after that.

Our first shop Barber Shop Daanya opened in Malmi, Helsinki in April of 2017 though there weren’t even any barber seats installed yet on the grand opening day, so we spent the time chatting and having a good time. We chose the name of the shop to honor our first-born daughter, who was 5 months old at the time and following the remodeling with keen eyes.

Life took us back to Spain, where we opened our second shop in Fuengirola in December 2019. Our second daughter had been born and she too got to enjoy the remodeling process at the age of 9 months. Salón Liyana was named after her. The facilities for our third shop were found right next to Salón Liyana. As we did’t have a thrird child, in our great wisdom, named the barbershop after the town we live in. Barber Shop Fuengirola was opened for business in December of 2020.

We aim to be the best and deliver professional, top-quality services. We always choose the best products for our shops, that is something we’re not bargaining about. We work wholeheartedly and appreciate each and every one of our clients, always offering them a bit extra care. When you’re with us, there’s no need to feel anxious over whether your hair will
turn out great or not. You will got the BEST HAIR!

Yours, Mirkka & Rachid

BEST HAIR owners Rachid and Mirkka